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Heirs of the Republic Meeting

Wednesday May 9, 2018

I will be the main presenter discussing:

  1. My recent class at the University of Arizona taught by Noam Chomsky and what almost 400 students are being taught about America and Capitalism

  2. The Mystery of Capital; Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else  written by Hernando De Soto

My intent is to show what information is being taught to the next generation and what consequences may happen if the rest of the story is never told.  It is hard for us to think the next generation can or will make good decisions if they are not taught the “Rest of the Story” as Paul Harvey would say it or as I would say, “The Truth” Then we will discuss what De Soto discovered about Capitalism after years of studying why it works some places and not others. It will be a fun discussion so please come and bring a friend! Before I present we will hear from Bret Roberts, who is currently a Constable up in Maricopa.  He is running for a seat in the House representing LD 11. Hope to see everyone there.


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