Let's Change the Perspective of America's Young Black Men by Teaching the Truth

Jeff Utsch, The Tatum Report

June 11, 2021


Tatum Report LLC

Lessons from a sit-down with the athletic department of a major, state university:

Minorities, especially many young black men, are coming to school angry. They come in feeling they are victims, that the white man wants to keep them down, that the police want to kill them and that the cards are stacked.

Can I blame black men for feeling this way? No, but my sentiment is not based on anything having to do with the truth of those assertions. Rather, it is because he himself is a victim not of discrimination but of the conditioning to perceive it.

When I went to school some years back, there were many young black men, but anger was not an adjective associated with them. What has changed?

The blame: it goes to the purveyors of untruths which create hate and division. So, let’s break down the reasons black men might feel a particular way.

Are these young men angry because:

  • They live in a nation where the average income of blacks is higher than anywhere else in the world?

  • They can get an education AND play a sport at the collegiate level that very few get to experience?

  • They are heroes to many a youngster of all backgrounds and fans of the university in general?

  • They are respected and held in awe because of their talents and work ethic?

  • They are the beneficiaries of actions taken by parents, grandparents, and others who helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make sure legal discrimination would be overcome?

  • They will have more opportunities to reach their potential in this nation than any other nation on earth?

  • They live in a country that started a worldwide abolitionist movement?

  • More white men and women, by far, fought for their ancestors’ freedom than fought against them?

Or, might these men be angry because they are being lied to and believe:

  • Police are hunting them?

  • Most, if not all, whites are still racists?

  • They are entitled and should be treated differently because they are marginalized?

  • “Systemic racism” is real and teaches them, “No, you can’t do it or won’t be allowed to?”