Heirs of the Republic was established to facilitate Americans' ability to become better stewards of our inheritance through information and education about our nation’s history and the critical issues of our day.

We will promote this through:

  • Group Discussions of Mutual Edification

  • Individual Study and Recommended Reading

  • Expert Presentations on Topics

  • Participation Opportunities in the Political Process​

By actively searching for truth and knowledge, we hope to strengthen and prolong the healthy days of our Republic. We promote the preservation of the liberties and opportunities our forefathers have given to us, and the obligation to pass them to future generations.

We recognize the opportunity of “Pursuit of Happiness” and individual potential will most likely be achieved when freedom reigns and agency can be exercised.


Our group meets the 2nd Wednesday evening each month. Due to the recent changes, in person meetings are TBA (to be announced).

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